What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Local Addiction Program

For those who struggle with addiction, looking into reputable substance use treatment facilities (1) can be a great way to begin the journey towards recovery. An important factor in this crucial step for many is which treatment facility that they chose to attend. With a seemingly endless list of potential treatment facilities, making the right decision might feel overwhelming. 

The easiest and most thorough method of researching substance use treatment facilities is to contact the facility directly. This is where Guardian Recovery Network comes in. With our team of trained intake coordinators available 24/7, we have made providing information and guidance to all who call a top priority. With our nationwide network of quality treatment facilities, local options are available regardless of where you live. Call Guardian Recovery Network today to discuss your treatment options and begin your journey to freedom from addiction. 

Benefits of Local Addiction Programs

When reviewing options for substance use treatment facilities, many consider first treatment facilities that are local to them. Often the speed at which someone is able to arrive at the facility determines how quickly they are able to begin the process of treatment. With facilities being local, the participant is able to begin treatment without the hassle of long distance travel.

Since they are local, the participant is able to be supported by friends and family throughout their treatment process. This often leaves the participant feeling loved and cared for during a time where they feel vulnerable. Visits, supplies, and friendly faces are all an important part of this support process and are all able to be accomplished if the treatment facility is local to the participant and their support system.

Age Restrictions

Another important factor to consider are the age restrictions related to the program. Most facilities, unless specially designed for adolescents, have a minimum age of 18 years old. There is often no restriction on the maximum age of a participant as long as they are able to adequately function and participate throughout the treatment process.

What Is the Program’s Treatment Environment Like?

Local treatment facilities provide the added benefit of being able to visit the facility before attending treatment. Being able to see the treatment setting and activity amenities often provides an added level of comfort for the participant and their families. Meeting with counselors and other staff will give the participant a feel for the treatment environment ahead of time in order to ensure that they will receive the maximum benefit from their time in the program.

Facility Amenities

Facility amenities can play an important role in which treatment facility to choose from. Often facilities will have areas for exercise and physical activities (2), an important part of the recovery process. Along with this, details like transportation, living environment, and eating environment are all important factors to consider.

Are Family Involvement & Support Offered?

Another important consideration is the level of family involvement in the treatment process at this particular facility. Often programs will offer a family program where participants can take part in group therapy sessions with their family and a member of the clinical staff. This can be crucial in beginning to rebuild relationships that were damaged during the active addiction process. 

What Is the Program’s Staff-to-Patient Ratio?

Another determining factor for many is the staff-to-patient ratio. Though there are many exceptions, generally the more staff that is available for each client can play an important role in determining the quality of the treatment received. With a higher staff-to-patient ratio, facilities are often able to specialize their treatment approach to address the specific needs of each client.

How Does the Program Address Co-Occurring Disorders?

A Common occurrence within substance use disorders is the presence of a mental health disorder(3) simultaneously. This is described as a co-occuring disorder and requires a specialized treatment approach. When considering a facility, an important factor is the ability to provide this type of quality treatment if necessary.

How Does the Program Approach Addiction Treatment?

There is no “one size fits all” approach to recovery and sobriety. With a multitude of treatment approaches, an important factor to consider is each facility’s specific approach to addiction and how it is treated. Varying views on the scientific, practical, and spiritual findings and information available can greatly determine the methods that the facility will use to address what they believe is the most important part of the initial recovery process.

Treatment Philosophy & Holistic Care

With treatment philosophies varying greatly, many facilities will offer a dramatic difference in the way that their programs approach substance use treatment. While some emphasize the spiritual, physical, or mental aspects of substance use treatment, an important factor to consider is how this approach will help a holistic recovery for you as the participant.

Levels of Care

Each person entering a treatment facility will have a unique path for how they arrived, and with that, they will also have different needs requiring different levels of care. Ranging from detox to outpatient and after care treatment levels, there are a multitude of options available. Some focus more on the medical aspects of the initial recovery process while others focus on the life skills and reintegration into society that may be required for the participant.

Addiction Treatment Therapy & Mental Health Counseling Services

A cornerstone to the treatment process is the therapy that is received. If mental health services are required, ensuring that the facility has the capacity to meet these needs will play a major role in determining the potential outcome of a treatment experience.

Qualifications of the Staff

A valid question to address with the facility before entering treatment is the requirement of qualifications for their staff members. An important factor when building trust and rapport with a clinician is knowing that they are qualified to meet the needs of the client. The same is true for medical and technical staff as well. Knowing and believing in the validity of their therapeutic process is important when making a determination for a substance use treatment facility.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Support

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of successful long term recovery is the aftercare process. This ensures that each client will begin a lifelong journey to recovery rather than just experience the temporary event of treatment. Seeking details and understanding the quality of the aftercare programs available from each facility will play an important role in making a final decision concerning which facility to choose.

Guardian Recovery Network understands the important nature of each of these determining factors and is committed to providing the highest quality of care in each category. With clinicians meeting the highest standards of accreditation, specific practices geared to co-occurring disorders, and high staff-to-client ratios, we understand the factors that make for high quality substance use treatment and are committed to each. Call Guardian Recovery Network today to speak with an intake coordinator and begin your journey to freedom from addiction.

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