Drug Addiction Rehab Fredon Township NJ

New Pathway Counseling Services has the tools and resources to help when you or someone you know is in need of addiction family counseling in North Jersey and you don’t know where to turn, get in touch with us at New Pathway Counseling Services. New Pathway focuses on holistic rehab, meaning that we look at the complete picture of every person we work with, in order to help them reach deeper addiction recovery and healing which will be lasting. A lot of programs for addiction counseling does not address the deeper causes which resulted in addiction and just deal with the most obvious symptoms. This is not a very effective method when it comes to maintaining addiction recovery that’s going to be long term. By taking advantage of opioid substance abuse rehab near Fredon Township NJ from New Pathway Counseling Services, the emotional roots of addiction are capable of being addressed as a means of assisting individuals with long term recovery from addiction.

Addiction Treatment Sussex County NJ

Healing the damage that addiction is capable of causing to adults, teens, and families alike is something that the staff of dedicated experts at New Pathway is experienced at and capable of assisting with. Substance abuse is capable of damaging relationships and is capable of taking a toll on the life of the individual personally in many ways. We address the damage which comes as a result of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both at New Pathway, together with addressing the issue itself. The early intervention group treatment in NJ we’re able to offer is proven effective when it comes to assisting in making sure teens avoid developing a true substance abuse disorder. This eight week program consists of group sessions. Teens can meet with peers who are also going through the early stages of addiction.

Holistic Rehab Near Fredon Township NJ

New Pathway’s goal is to offer the most comprehensive possible services for opioid addiction recovery treatment insurance accepted in Sussex County NJ. A few examples of reasons that drive people to substance abuse are:

  • Family members with alcohol or drug addiction
  • Traumatic life experiences
  • Exposure early in life
  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety

Succumbing to alcohol and drug addiction isn’t a simple failure of character and you don’t have to feel any shame when it comes to asking for help. Offering assistance with an in-network addiction recovery therapy program near Fredon Township NJ.

Addiction Group Fredon Township NJ

New Pathways is here when you’re searching for a holistic rehab program in NJ. Mind-body therapies like Qigong are included in our programs. The body’s own internal energy which can allow it to heal from emotional stressors and daily stressors, which is capable of leading to an addiction issue, is referred to as the ‘chi.’ Qigong aims to improve the body’s ‘chi’ with meditative movements. By helping your body restore the balance of its chi, Qigong is essential when it comes to remaining centered and make it so your body is going to have the ability to recover easier from stress. New Pathway assists individuals in finding new ways to overcome the issues which they may once have turned to alcohol or drugs to avoid with practices such as Qigong. New Pathway is standing ready if you or somebody you love is looking for holistic rehab near Fredon Township NJ.

Partial-Day Addiction Treatment Program Sussex County NJ

New Pathway additionally provides outpatient rehab in NJ together with holistic practices and early intervention programs. Outpatient rehab often is the best solution for people who find themselves dealing with addiction, because they’re capable of quickly applying what they learn in counseling to their everyday real life. Outpatient treatment is based on the needs of each individual. Psycho-social treatment, individual, and group psychotherapy are therapies are part of our addiction recovery rehab program. Working individually and with a group is capable of helping an individual dealing with addiction apply the coping mechanisms they’ve just learned to interactions with other people, and to learn from others’ experiences with addiction and overcoming addiction. Our addiction group program focuses on supplying a safe environment for individuals to share their experience with addiction, which is capable of being a highly helpful first step in overcoming addiction and learning new methods of coping with issues such as anxiety and depression. With New Pathway, you or someone you know can have the support required to heal and move past addiction. For outpatient addiction treatment near Fredon Township NJ or any of the other services we offer, give us a call at New Pathway Counseling Services.

Addiction Counseling In Sussex County NJ

Are you or is someone you know in need of a heroin addiction recovery rehab program in Sussex County NJ? Find out more about one of the best programs available by getting in touch with New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. At New Pathway, we look at the problem of addiction holistically, meaning treating the whole person, and not just their addiction. Improving coping methods, emotional skills and communication skills is essential to avoid turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with issues. This is why if you see one of our experts for counseling different types of psychotherapy are offered. To live a more stress free life and overcome addiction issues once and for all, check out New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. when you need an adolescent addiction recovery therapy program near Fredon Township NJ.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Program Fredon Township NJ

When it comes to addiction group therapy with Cigna in Sussex County NJ, we’re capable of offering comprehensive services at New Pathway. A few examples of reasons driving people to substance abuse are:

  • Family members with alcohol or drug addiction
  • Unprocessed traumatic experiences
  • Exposure early in life
  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety

Succumbing to alcohol and drug addiction is not a simple failure of character and you don’t need to feel any shame when it comes to asking for help. Offering help with a drug holistic addiction rehabilitation program near Fredon Township NJ is what we’re all about at New Pathway Counseling Services.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Program In North Jersey

With a drug addiction rehab in North Jersey like we’re capable of offering at New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. individuals we receive the benefit of sharing experiences with others and learning. A lot of people that have struggled with addiction find comfort in speaking with other individuals that understand what they are experiencing. The group is capable of supplying support and feedback throughout the process of recovery, and interacting with others in this setting can help members of the group develop social coping skills and processes that might have been lost by abuse of alcohol or drugs. While developing the necessary skills to be successful in a career and many other aspects of life without depending on substances that are harmful, this is an effective program when it comes to curtailing dependencies.

Holistic Addiction Rehabilitation Fredon Township NJ

The expert New Pathway counselors have a firm belief in treating the individual as a whole as a result of the fact that we’re a leading choice for a holistic addiction rehabilitation in New Jersey. We believe in doing much more than only eliminating drugs and alcohol from a person’s life and getting to the root of the problem which led them down that path in the first place. Often, trauma or underlying emotional issues are capable of being the cause of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. When an individual has depended on the addictive substance for a considerable amount of time to overcome or to numb the underlying problem, he or she cannot develop healthier methods of coping and healing. The initial stages of overcoming an addiction are incredibly difficult. This is because the individual is not going to have the required tools to cope with situations without their chosen substance yet. However, through holistic rehab, he or she will be capable of working to develop new coping methods while overcoming his or her addiction. In terms of addiction, this solution is a lot more long term. With these necessary skills individuals are significantly less likely to turn to addictive substances in the future.

Partial-Day Addiction Treatment Program NJ

New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. also offers a program for early intervention for addiction in North Jersey. Catching young adults and teenagers who are just in the initial stages on an abusive relationship to drugs and alcohol, this is an extremely helpful and effective service. The tools needed to avoid a full addiction problem before it starts are capable of being provided by this early intervention program. With New Pathway’s outpatient opiate detox in NJ, you will have a chance of living a happy, healthy life, free from addiction and the harmful effects that it has been having on your life.

Telehealth Options

Telehealth technology represents a unique opportunity to help reduce the drug epidemic and increase our ability to help serve those in need. Not only have patients expressed interest in using telehealth during the course of their treatment, but we have utilized telehealth in order to help keep participants safe and offer all of our services to a wide range of people who are unable to attend due to medical, geographic, or physical limitations.