Addiction Recovery Program In New Jersey

When you or somebody you care about is in need of drug addiction treatment in North Jersey, New Pathway Counseling Services has the resources and tools to help. New Pathway focuses on holistic rehab, meaning that we take the complete picture of every individual we work with into consideration, in order to help them reach deeper addiction recovery and healing which lasts. Addiction counseling which only focuses on the most obvious symptom of addiction, but does not address the deeper-down causes which resulted in the problem taking place, is not very affective in assisting individuals in maintaining long-term addiction recovery. Our adolescent substance abuse program near Hillburn NY helps individuals look at and address the emotional roots of their addictions.

Recovery IS Possible, Were Here To Help.

Here at New Pathway, we understand the damaging cycle addiction does to you and the people who support you. Let us help you on your recovery journey.

Substance Abuse Rehab Program Hillburn NY

The team of committed professionals at New Pathway Counseling Services has experience when it comes to assisting adults, teens and families in healing from the damage addiction can cause. Substance abuse can damage relationships and can take a toll on the life of the individual in a variety of ways personally. At New Pathway, we not only address the addiction problem itself, but also the damage that has come as a result of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both. Dedicated to assisting teens in avoiding developing a real substance abuse disorder, New Pathway offers proven-effective early intervention group treatment in Rockland County NY. This eight week program consists of group sessions. Teens will have the chance to meet with peers who also are going through the early stages of addiction.

Early Intervention Group Treatment Near Hillburn NY

When it comes to an opioid partial-day addiction treatment program with Cigna in Rockland County NY, we offer comprehensive services at New Pathway. There are many reasons why people are driven to substance abuse, including:

  • Exposure early in life
  • Family members with drug or alcohol addiction
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety or depression
  • Unprocessed traumatic experiences

It’s not a personal failure for individuals who succumb to alcohol and drug addiction. Because of this, seeking out help isn’t something anyone should feel ashamed of. Offering help with opioid addiction rehab near Hillburn NY.

Addiction Group Rockland County NY

We specialize in holistic rehab in Rockland County NY at New Pathways. Our holistic therapies at New Pathway include mind-body therapies like Qigong. The body’s own internal energy that is capable of allowing it to heal from emotional stressors and daily stressors, which is capable of leading to an addiction problem, is referred to as the ‘chi.’ Qigong sets out to improve the body’s ‘chi’ with meditative movements. To assist you in improving your body’s capability of recovering from stress and remaining centered, Qigong is vital for balancing your body’s chi. New Pathway helps individuals find new means of overcoming the issues which they might once have turned to drugs or alcohol to avoid with practices such as Qigong. For holistic outpatient rehabilitation near Hillburn NY, get in touch with New Pathway right away. Get in touch with New Pathway right away if you or someone you care about is in need of a holistic outpatient rehabilitation program near Hillburn NY.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program Rockland County NY

In Addiction to holistic practices and our early intervention program, New Pathway offers outpatient addiction treatment in New Jersey. The fact that outpatient services make application of what is being learned in counseling to everyday life easy means this is frequently the best choice. Outpatient treatment is based on each individual’s requirements. Our addiction recovery rehab program includes therapies including psycho-social treatment, and individual and group psychotherapy. Working individually and with a group is capable of helping an individual dealing with addiction apply the coping mechanisms they’ve just learned to interactions with other people, and to learn from others’ experiences with addiction and overcoming it. Our addiction group program focuses on providing a safe space for individuals to share their experience with addiction, which is capable of being a very helpful first step when it comes to overcoming addiction and discovering new means of coping with issues like depression and anxiety. You or someone you know will be capable of obtaining the support required to heal and move on from addiction thanks to New Pathway Counseling Services. Get in touch with us at New Pathway Counseling Services for an outpatient addiction rehab program near Hillburn NY or any of the other services we provide.

Addiction Counseling In Hillburn NY

If you or someone you know and care about require a heroin outpatient addiction therapy program in New Jersey, contact New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. to learn about the kinds of programs available. We take a holistic approach to addiction at New Pathway. This entails treating the person as a whole and not simply their addiction. Developing coping methods, communication skills and emotional skills is essential to avoid resorting to alcohol and drugs to deal with issues. This is the reason if you visit one of our experts for counseling different types of psychotherapy are offered. If you’re searching for a helpful choice for an opioid substance abuse program near Hillburn NY or the rest of the local region, New Pathway Counseling Services is available to supply you or your loved one with the care they need to deal with problems with addiction once and for all and live a life that’s more stress free.

Addiction Group Therapy NJ

When it comes to addiction group therapy with UBH in Rockland County NY, we’re capable of offering comprehensive services at New Pathway. A few examples of reasons that drive people to drug and alcohol addiction are:

  • Exposure early in life
  • Family members with alcohol or drug addiction
  • Mental health issues such as anxiety or depression
  • Unprocessed traumatic experiences

Nobody needs to feel shame when asking for help when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction. This is especially true because of the fact that drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t make you a bad person. New Pathway Counseling Services is ready to help with adolescent addiction recovery rehab near Hillburn NY.

Addiction Recovery Rehabilitation Program Near Rockland County NY

With a drug substance abuse rehab program in Rockland County NY like we’re able to offer at New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. individuals we receive the advantage of sharing experiences with others and learning. Many people that have struggled with addiction find speaking with other people who understand what they’re going through comforting. Many social coping processes and skills can have been diminished by abuse of drugs or alcohol. By interacting with others in this setting and being able to receive feedback and support through the recovery process, these skills and processes can be developed. This kind of program can do more than simply assist individuals in overcoming drug or alcohol dependency. It’s additionally capable of helping you develop the coping processes and skills that can help in each aspect of your life, from being social to your career.

Addiction Group Hillburn NY

As a top choice for a holistic outpatient rehabilitation in Rockland County NY, New Pathway Counseling Services does far more than just eliminate drugs and alcohol from someone’s life. Our aim is to get to the root of the problem that led them down that path in the first place and provide help to the person as a whole. Trauma and underlying emotional issues often are the reason individuals develop drug or alcohol addictions. Many individuals depend on the use of drugs or alcohol to overcome or numb their issues. Over time this is only going to make them less able to develop healthier coping and healing methods. When dealing with addiction, the initial stages are challenging as a result of the fact that the individual does not have the necessary tools to cope without relying on their chosen substance. However, through holistic rehab, he or she will be capable of working to develop new methods of coping while overcoming his or her addiction. When it comes to addiction, this solution is much more long term. Having these essential skills people are substantially less likely to turn to addictive substances in the future.

Addiction Rehabilitation Program New Jersey

New Pathway Counseling Services, Inc. additionally offers a program for early intervention for addiction in New Jersey. Catching young adults and teenagers that are just in the beginning stages on an abusive relationship to drugs and alcohol, this is an extremely helpful and effective service. The tools needed to avoid a full addiction problem prior to it starting are capable of being supplied by this early intervention program. With New Pathway’s outpatient addiction therapy in New Jersey, you will have a chance of living a happy, healthy life, free from addiction and the harmful effects that it has been having on your life.

Recovery IS Possible, Were Here To Help.

Here at New Pathway, we understand the damaging cycle addiction does to you and the people who support you. Let us help you on your recovery journey.

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